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A featured brand from Leather Shoppes.Deep Discounts and Free Nationwide shipping .Since 1988. We carry the entire Barcalounger Motion, and the popular Barcalounger recliner line of leather furniture.

                  Because You're Comfortable With The Best

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, a premium brand recliner, Barcalounger® ...because you're comfortable with the best.
Barcalounger® has been an industry leader since producing its first recliners in the 1940's. Always known for high quality, luxurious comfort and innovative design, the Barcalounger® brand has become a household name when referring to reclining chairs. Our success at changing with the times while remaining true to the core characteristics that we built our brand on has proven to be our greatest strength. Today's Barcalounger® is not your Father's (or Grandfather's) recliner... Building upon our heritage and reputation of high fashion and innovation, today's recliners are suitable for every lifestyle from traditional "marshmallow" recliners to sleek contemporary designs and sophisticated vintage looks. We specialize in fashioning designs that suit every decor and focus on creating smooth shapes and curves that are as comforting to the eye as they are to reclining postures. Particular attention is paid to details, whether it's the decorative stitching or perfect pitch, our emphasis is balance --- great "top-side" appearance, superior "bottom-side" comfort!!! Our commitment to tomorrow is intentional, history repeating itself. If you are planning to add a recliner to your lifestyle... look no farther, we've got what you need.

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Inside Story
In the history of superior reclining furniture, Barcalounger® has a storied reputation. In fact, we've been two steps ahead of the competition ever since the first Barcalounger's were produced in 1940 due to our construction elements and the benefits they provide you, the customer.

Our Barcalounger® engineers realize their products will probably receive more use than any other piece of upholstered furniture in the home. That's why we set standards of quality and excellence that are higher and more demanding than most upholstery manufacturers.
Features Benefits
Hardwood plywood frames, with mortise & tenon construction, glued joints & corner blocks Promotes Stability, durability and longevity
Leggett & Platt mechs, are ACTIVATED not operated. Requires only 2.5 lbs of pressure to release.
Mechanisms feature delrin bushings wherever metal meets metal Seamless motion, promotes logevity, never squeaks
Mechanisms are attached to the frame with bolts and t-nuts Prevents screw "back-out", increases stability and durability
Five No Sag sinous springs w/tie wires Greater seating continuity, maintains shape and comfort level
1.8 HR (high resiliency) foam High performance foam promotes stability, durability and longevity
Higher than average stitch count per inch, plus, reinforced seams with baseball stitch accents Enhances seam integrity and increases aesthetic appeal
Padding all around the chair (outside arms & back) Highest quality standard in the industry
Upholstered handles Allows the handle to diappear into the background cover
Fully upholstered underneath A statement of high quality; above, and beyond, and even underneath!
Contiguous velcro application Prevents hit or miss connections and surpasses industry standard
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